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Device Drivers

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AVI to ATV Converter - Stream AVI to Apple TV 4K/4/3/2/1

by CaitlinAaron
623 1 03/20/2018 01:27AM
Last Post by CaitlinAaron

FUJITV 2018 Easter Day Giveaway! 20% OFF and Up to 60 Days for Free!

by Alice Crawford
338 1 03/05/2018 02:24AM
Last Post by Alice Crawford

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter Review + Guide

by DJ.Emily
997 4 03/05/2018 02:06AM
Last Post by korence

MOV to WMP - Convert and Play MOV using Windows Media Player

by CaitlinAaron
438 1 03/01/2018 01:47AM
Last Post by CaitlinAaron

2016 Best DRM Removal and DRM Converter Reviewed

by DJ.Emily
978 2 02/28/2018 01:14AM
Last Post by korence

FUJITV Giveaway Thread for Reddit - Free Watch Japanese TV Live for 7 Days

by Alice Crawford
664 1 01/24/2018 12:27AM
Last Post by Alice Crawford

insmod: error Unknown symbol in module

by 1 Infinite Loop
33,688 8 01/11/2018 10:34AM
Last Post by Tariq

Easily Convert/Import MP4 to edit in Lightworks

by CaitlinAaron
730 2 01/07/2018 12:02PM
Last Post by Randy Abigail

FUJITV software New Year 2018 Giveaway and Biggest Discount!

by Alice Crawford
697 1 01/05/2018 03:44AM
Last Post by Alice Crawford

FUJITV V2.1 Released! Added Favorites function and Screen Rotation function of phone

by Alice Crawford
502 1 12/27/2017 11:12PM
Last Post by Alice Crawford

FUJITV Christmas Crazy Giveaway 2017!

by Alice Crawford
410 1 12/19/2017 01:17AM
Last Post by Alice Crawford

Transcode and Compress DJI Mavic Pro 4K Files to FCP

by AnneBaker
864 4 12/12/2017 10:58AM
Last Post by VirginiaHupp

forgot Windows 7 password

by angelaye
2,055 11 11/23/2017 12:41AM
Last Post by ElizaJabeen

Transfer Data from Nokia Lumia to Samsung Galaxy Note8

by KeeHarold
519 2 11/14/2017 04:40AM
Last Post by wuliusudu

How to Transfer Note 4 Contacts to Samsung S8?

by fhhtg
704 3 11/14/2017 04:27AM
Last Post by wuliusudu

Usb entry point

by Larts
733 2 11/09/2017 10:23AM
Last Post by JoshuaSons

The accord to access the nba live mobile coins

by happylifea
591 1 11/06/2017 01:41AM
Last Post by happylifea

Trying to add audio driver

by garid
675 1 10/06/2017 05:19AM
Last Post by garid

Dimo released 1st Anniversary 65% OFF Promotion on mate products

by CaitlinAaron
592 1 09/27/2017 02:58AM
Last Post by CaitlinAaron

Using my AM335x board as usb gadget

by Ison Thomas
768 1 09/09/2017 08:17AM
Last Post by Ison Thomas

Cannot see PCI device in /sys/devices

by rob18767
626 1 08/03/2017 10:54AM
Last Post by rob18767

Save input data from a USB HID device on Linux Kernel

by MrkarlosM
568 1 07/13/2017 07:32PM
Last Post by MrkarlosM

Changes in new linux kernel 4.4.2 distributed with SLES 12 SP2 causing driver build failure

by durgesht
613 1 06/29/2017 08:05AM
Last Post by durgesht

UIO driver defining more pci_alloc_consistent regions via sysfs

by scott_wilson46
533 2 06/23/2017 10:32AM
Last Post by scott_wilson46

A HR timers precision study case (my first post)

by antonio.petricca
519 2 06/23/2017 05:47AM
Last Post by antonio.petricca

questions from an ultra-newbie

by mzimmers
581 1 06/22/2017 04:19PM
Last Post by mzimmers

Upgrade: Romanysoft XLS2csv V4.21 for Mac (macOS Sierra)

by DJ.Emily
857 2 06/09/2017 12:55PM
Last Post by emifullac

help adding yk750g to em28xx driver

by theelder777
682 1 05/20/2017 09:25PM
Last Post by theelder777

How to add function to the display module or write one of my own

by Peewe
779 1 05/18/2017 05:14AM
Last Post by Peewe

Configfs Composite Gadget - uvc and g_webcam

by e.u.mikhailov
718 1 04/20/2017 05:05PM
Last Post by e.u.mikhailov