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Device Drivers

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Creating Linux virtual filesystems

by bariowd
1,050 2 12/22/2016 08:22AM
Last Post by carmens_ward

Play WMV on QuickTime from Internet and Amazon

by DJ.Emily
649 1 12/19/2016 09:54PM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Using SPI in the kernel module

by Yurii
769 1 12/13/2016 09:56AM
Last Post by Yurii

How to Root Android Phones on Mac with One-click?

by BrunsonSwin
809 1 11/23/2016 05:03AM
Last Post by BrunsonSwin

Add SRT/ASS/SSA Subtitles to a movie on Windows/Mac

by DJ.Emily
777 1 11/03/2016 12:12AM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Multiple isnmod of a hello world device driver

by oscargomezf
772 1 10/26/2016 07:39AM
Last Post by oscargomezf

Framebuffer Dithering

by telarium
732 1 10/14/2016 12:46PM
Last Post by telarium

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter Review + Guide

by DJ.Emily
779 1 10/11/2016 11:20PM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

How to organize several devices involved in a power-on sequence

by dmdeemer
734 1 10/10/2016 06:09PM
Last Post by dmdeemer

PDFelement Review: Best PDF Converter and Editor

by DJ.Emily
781 1 10/07/2016 11:23PM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Copy DVD to MKV in better quality & faster speed

by DJ.Emily
850 1 09/10/2016 11:37AM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Top 5 Best DVD Ripper Reviews

by DJ.Emily
756 1 08/22/2016 10:31PM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

PTE Read access not set!!

by ankurvmware
2,434 1 07/29/2016 06:04AM
Last Post by ankurvmware

Creating a Driver for memory access

by Harsha
770 1 07/26/2016 09:38AM
Last Post by Harsha

enc28j60 stack trace in 3.18 and 4.4 kernel

by Scott Geigel
743 3 07/25/2016 10:06AM
Last Post by Scott Geigel

The aweless commemoration was aboriginal

by mmodiy1
692 1 07/25/2016 02:10AM
Last Post by mmodiy1

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy When Forget Pattern Lock

by SayPredrag
974 1 07/05/2016 05:25AM
Last Post by SayPredrag

GPIO\Interrupt chip devicedriver

by OmerDagan
930 1 06/30/2016 03:15AM
Last Post by OmerDagan

Insertion order affects USB devices

by DavidL
975 1 06/16/2016 08:17AM
Last Post by DavidL

Multiple USB modem detection and installation with single driver

by Vishwanath Jadhav
919 1 05/30/2016 10:36AM
Last Post by Vishwanath Jadhav

Forgot Password, Pattern or PIN on Samsung Galaxy S4

by FrMalone
1,034 1 05/26/2016 06:50AM
Last Post by FrMalone

Reg CDC_ACM driver not creating \dev\ttyACM0

by Shashidhar B
925 1 05/12/2016 03:06AM
Last Post by Shashidhar B

Block,Character, something else?

by diama13
1,322 2 05/09/2016 10:13PM
Last Post by faudiimal

Fast Copy DVDs to iPad Air 2 with best quality

by DJ.Emily
900 1 05/09/2016 07:38AM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Windows 10 Password Recovery

by korence
2,968 6 05/08/2016 11:54PM
Last Post by chanleen

Top 5 DVD Ripper/DVD Copy Softwares at 2016

by DJ.Emily
890 1 05/04/2016 11:55AM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Free Sync DVD to iTunes on Windows 10/Mac El Capitan

by DJ.Emily
929 1 04/29/2016 11:01PM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Put DVD to Hudl/Hudl 2 tablet for watching

by DJ.Emily
867 1 04/29/2016 07:00AM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Replacement for drm_platform_exit? (kernel 3.13 to 3.14 and higher)

by adzh2
847 1 04/26/2016 09:26AM
Last Post by adzh2

Updating display driver with new framebuffer changes (3.6 to 3.19)

by adzh2
794 2 04/25/2016 04:20PM
Last Post by adzh2