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Core Kernel

Processes, scheduling, signals, ... 
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creating a scheduler

by docas
1,805 1 05/13/2011 04:53PM
Last Post by docas

what does __attribute__((__section__(".sched.text"winking smiley)) mean?

by uclerry
7,108 7 03/10/2011 08:06PM
Last Post by justin_ruch1180

How to wake up my application unless a specific SIGIO happens?

by Soniferiel
1,725 1 02/18/2011 06:46AM
Last Post by Soniferiel

Why the value WAITING_BIAS in rw_semaphore support up to only 32766 waiting processes in linux kernel 2.4.18

by Yamin Yang
1,624 1 12/10/2010 08:39PM
Last Post by Yamin Yang

Process scheduler [newbie]

by sleep`walker
1,758 1 11/20/2010 06:58PM
Last Post by sleep`walker

send signal to an application from kernel

by sridhar_mo
2,349 2 11/17/2010 04:54AM
Last Post by musfiq

what is exactly difference between process and thread ?

by atul
2,522 2 11/03/2010 04:02AM
Last Post by deadhead

Change CPU affinity mask for all tasks

by dk
2,409 2 11/03/2010 03:40AM
Last Post by deadhead

completely fair schedulerspinning smiley sticking its tongue out

by prajulp
1,810 1 10/21/2010 12:45PM
Last Post by prajulp

How to get the address and size of code segment?

by Jagannath
2,477 2 10/17/2010 12:39PM
Last Post by dakt

Linux Kernel dev. under VirtualBox/Win7

by RTrader
1,801 1 09/27/2010 09:29AM
Last Post by RTrader

Tickless Idle

by sivakumarashokkumar
2,033 2 08/20/2010 05:43PM
Last Post by opensrc

Work queues & maximum latency

by Roland
2,069 2 08/04/2010 12:54PM
Last Post by Michaelblizek

Where is pdflush now?

by fishchip2
2,436 3 07/31/2010 06:25PM
Last Post by riel

anon_vma to vma_area_struct list

by kernalist
2,122 2 07/31/2010 06:24PM
Last Post by riel

linux kernel timers

by fishchip2
2,233 1 07/09/2010 02:02AM
Last Post by fishchip2

how to disable cpu caches (icache,dcache) on mips.

by repu1sion
2,000 1 07/08/2010 03:49PM
Last Post by repu1sion

server hangs

by ub007
2,261 1 07/07/2010 10:16AM
Last Post by ub007

Tasklets and Bottom Half

by fishchip2
1,963 1 07/06/2010 05:06AM
Last Post by fishchip2

Interrupt context and kernel stack size

by omicron70
2,498 2 07/06/2010 05:04AM
Last Post by fishchip2

do_IRQ() : How the flow handler routines are called in IA-32

by fishchip2
2,513 1 07/05/2010 05:29AM
Last Post by fishchip2

The current status of an IRQ

by fishchip2
1,852 1 07/04/2010 04:46AM
Last Post by fishchip2

Interrupt context keyboard queue

by kernalist
1,747 1 06/29/2010 08:44PM
Last Post by kernalist

Kernel hangs while suspending to RAM

by langabe
2,395 3 06/18/2010 11:33AM
Last Post by langabe

Kernel pid functions

by fishchip2
2,019 1 06/14/2010 11:39AM
Last Post by fishchip2

Identifying executable code on process virtual space

by DBQ
1,800 1 06/13/2010 03:44PM
Last Post by DBQ

Help: signal handler restart or continue ?

by field1227
1,694 2 06/09/2010 06:32AM
Last Post by field1227

Recheduling process from within ISR

by rajat
1,632 1 06/04/2010 01:28PM
Last Post by rajat

where can i get kernel source code which uses O(1) scheduler ?

by atul
1,851 1 05/26/2010 10:01PM
Last Post by atul

Map file descriptor to pid_t

by andrespp
1,920 3 05/21/2010 03:59PM
Last Post by andrespp