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Programming questions

How do I call assembler? Why does my code not compile? 
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IPC From Kernel

by joshpowers
2,104 3 08/19/2017 03:23AM
Last Post by Sumit smith

trying to read sock information in a kernel mod

by pkolakkar
2,143 2 08/19/2017 03:20AM
Last Post by Sumit smith

Linking Static Lib to Kernel Modul

by Daniel
1,656 2 08/19/2017 03:17AM
Last Post by Sumit smith

WinFF for Mac Alternative: Pavtube Video Converter for Mac

by Andyeric
935 7 08/19/2017 03:14AM
Last Post by Ashish Kumar

How to Pass CCDE 352-001 Exam

by DeanneMowen
71 2 08/16/2017 08:26AM
Last Post by Mieshatate

mdadm sector limitation

by Inry
42 1 07/31/2017 11:29AM
Last Post by Inry

Creative essay writing

by katie942
80 2 07/25/2017 03:27AM
Last Post by Enrique Richard

How To Reset Password On Galaxy S5 When Locked Out

by SayPredrag
602 4 07/11/2017 06:12AM
Last Post by DeanneMowen

How do I call assembler?

by MasihJalala
67 1 07/06/2017 02:23AM
Last Post by MasihJalala

3 months calendar 2017

by samdisooja123
68 1 06/16/2017 02:25AM
Last Post by samdisooja123

Can PS4 Play MKV, AVI, VOB, Tivo, WMV, MP4, MPG, FLV video

by DJ.Emily
7,243 2 06/12/2017 11:59PM
Last Post by Electricpinet

Delete Personal Data from Samsung Mobiles before Reselling

by ReevesSkin
385 3 06/06/2017 02:00PM
Last Post by hppyromz

Circular debugging using ptrace results in deadlock due to race condition?

by rusilja
171 1 06/01/2017 02:58PM
Last Post by rusilja

Top Class Essay Writing | BritishCustomEssay

by daisy407
150 1 05/22/2017 08:53AM
Last Post by daisy407

Cheap Assignment Writing Services

by megan704
130 2 05/17/2017 07:02AM
Last Post by holidaypackages

DRM Double-Buffered VSync'ed Modesetting

by Peewe
142 1 05/17/2017 06:32AM
Last Post by Peewe

Best Software to Play/Convert MKV on Windows 10

by CaitlinAaron
171 1 05/06/2017 02:48AM
Last Post by CaitlinAaron

Play Blu-ray on LG Netcast/WebOS TV with Plex

by Velemoochi
169 1 04/25/2017 04:10AM
Last Post by Velemoochi

Need Help In My Online Assignment Website Project

by BrendaDavidson
159 1 04/17/2017 01:20PM
Last Post by BrendaDavidson

he should have Game CD Keys Store

by baizhou2324
536 2 04/16/2017 08:19AM
Last Post by pratikverma

Unlock a Samsung Galaxy Device if you forgot your password

by FrMalone
437 2 04/16/2017 08:18AM
Last Post by pratikverma

How to Upload DVDs to Google Drive

by DJ.Emily
468 2 04/16/2017 08:10AM
Last Post by pratikverma

Interrupt a kernel module when a user process terminates/receives a signal?

by yaronshr
176 1 04/10/2017 12:20PM
Last Post by yaronshr

Spawning processes with display output from Linux kernel module

by yaronshr
279 1 03/29/2017 07:35PM
Last Post by yaronshr

Watch MOV movies on Samsung TV

by monica66
922 2 03/27/2017 06:28AM
Last Post by paulaadriananew

What's The Best Torrent Video Converter

by DJ.Emily
156 1 03/19/2017 10:42PM
Last Post by DJ.Emily

Kprobe return callback not called on function return

by bogdanul2003
131 1 03/15/2017 01:01PM
Last Post by bogdanul2003

selecting my bare kernel in grub menu shows invalid magic number error

by ilaelo
158 1 03/12/2017 02:00PM
Last Post by ilaelo

What is the point of this function?

by andy77
571 3 03/08/2017 07:27AM
Last Post by komal

Importance of Degree

by Raquel
255 1 03/03/2017 04:04PM
Last Post by Raquel