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Programming questions

How do I call assembler? Why does my code not compile? 
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Why, exactily, is there an #ifndef in linux/spinlock.h?

by HHBones
2,596 3 01/13/2011 04:10PM
Last Post by Adam Wozniak

Using H-JTAG to burn BIOS

by Juniter
3,695 1 01/04/2011 04:05AM
Last Post by Juniter

Problems with using crypto algorithms..

by greyblake
3,646 1 01/03/2011 03:17AM
Last Post by greyblake

Programming style in kernel for constants why "1<<12" and not 4096 directly?

by krishnakp
1,911 3 12/28/2010 08:46PM
Last Post by HHBones

__init function does not execute at start up

by bizoo
2,192 1 12/04/2010 02:28PM
Last Post by bizoo

EXPORT_SYMBOL does not seem to be working...

by nspmangalore
3,628 1 11/07/2010 01:16AM
Last Post by nspmangalore

Regarding workq in kernel

by Eternity
2,913 1 10/07/2010 08:03AM
Last Post by Eternity

Error in Kernel compiling

by Guido
2,682 1 09/24/2010 12:17PM
Last Post by Guido

Windows and Mac link

by skateman89
2,053 3 09/20/2010 04:40PM
Last Post by jeznz

How can I use spinlocks on list entries?

by Raffo
2,054 1 08/31/2010 11:22AM
Last Post by Raffo

new netfilter target

by np2k
2,338 2 08/30/2010 05:20AM
Last Post by np2k

Understanding Log files and keeping track of what you know

by arvind.subramanian
2,048 1 08/11/2010 02:15PM
Last Post by arvind.subramanian

Kernel Deveelopment

by chymeira
1,859 2 08/03/2010 12:45PM
Last Post by UTe11ok

Developing a kernel bootsplash driver

by Header
1,916 2 07/29/2010 06:30PM
Last Post by UTe11ok

how to making vivi boot from Nor Flash in MINI2440 Board

by andy
3,174 1 06/21/2010 10:41PM
Last Post by andy

iowait accounting in linux kernel

by kr22
3,225 1 05/11/2010 11:25AM
Last Post by kr22

virt_to_phys and phys_to_virt

by robert1983
7,281 3 05/06/2010 09:37PM
Last Post by robert1983

Need some help learning how to call open_fds

by trist007
2,811 1 05/02/2010 09:52AM
Last Post by trist007

how to compile syscall prog form 32 to 64bit???

by linuxverbrezler
2,234 2 04/26/2010 04:31PM
Last Post by yoush

kbuild error

by srd
2,347 1 03/20/2010 01:33AM
Last Post by srd

what function closes a sock_create() socket?

by douglaskbell
2,714 2 02/11/2010 02:00PM
Last Post by Michaelblizek

Retrieveing commandline paramters in modules

by John Smith
3,075 4 02/08/2010 01:50PM
Last Post by John Smith

Export symbol from external module in 2.6

by dmeister
7,836 3 02/07/2010 02:27AM
Last Post by yoush

get function size

by lexabc
3,525 2 02/07/2010 02:22AM
Last Post by yoush

x86 IRET instruction generating general protection fault

by Jasvant Singh
3,796 2 01/05/2010 12:41PM
Last Post by yoush

Can anyone please explain about "Function call interrupts" entry in /proc/interrupts?

by cyclops
6,170 2 12/06/2009 08:11AM
Last Post by yoush

how to copy process-heap to kernel-buffer

by rushikesh
2,575 2 12/04/2009 08:24AM
Last Post by mr.chaka

Where to start..?

by mrpradeep
4,773 4 12/04/2009 08:20AM
Last Post by mr.chaka

Problem with compiling a kernel module

by TinoKuBa
5,808 4 12/04/2009 08:19AM
Last Post by mr.chaka

How to call c function in entry.S ?

by berni
2,868 2 11/24/2009 10:23AM
Last Post by yoush