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Programming questions

How do I call assembler? Why does my code not compile? 
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Modifying what gets put into /proc/mounts without confusing the filesystems

by thekevinday
4,205 1 06/03/2008 08:40PM
Last Post by thekevinday

prockfs locking

by Maarten Deprez
4,040 1 03/31/2008 03:42AM
Last Post by Maarten Deprez


by Saurabh
4,494 1 03/19/2008 05:12AM
Last Post by Saurabh

timing systemcalls

by tracert
6,036 2 03/16/2008 02:25AM
Last Post by Charles Lohr

kernel_sendmsg (soft?) crash

by Charles Lohr
7,024 1 03/16/2008 02:09AM
Last Post by Charles Lohr

Run an application on poweron at a Embedded PC with full Linux Kernel 2.4.31

by Markus
4,541 1 03/11/2008 09:59AM
Last Post by Markus

Rebboting Kernel From the Kernel program

by Prabhu Chawandi
4,566 1 02/29/2008 01:13AM
Last Post by Prabhu Chawandi

Hooking kernel functions

by chantecode
5,962 4 02/12/2008 12:21AM
Last Post by Michaelblizek

question about proc_root_driver

by shogun1234
5,875 1 12/30/2007 01:01PM
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