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Embedded Linux

Anything related to Linux development for embedded devices. 
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Transfer Data from Android to Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+

by KeeHarold
504 2 04/08/2018 01:47AM
Last Post by wuliusudu

MP4 to GIF converter - How to save an MP4 to GIF Losslessly

by CaitlinAaron
231 1 03/14/2018 04:09AM
Last Post by CaitlinAaron

network problem

by jessonel
4,418 2 01/29/2018 06:29AM
Last Post by Catt Robertson

What to do before selling or giving away your old iPad

by SayPredrag
1,146 3 12/26/2017 08:55AM
Last Post by Catt Robertson

How To Bypass Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy Phone

by SayPredrag
1,723 2 11/16/2017 09:27AM
Last Post by UKEssayPapers

building dependencies for kernel modules in cross compiling environment

by Ayyappan Muthukrishnan
3,360 3 11/14/2017 05:30AM
Last Post by ankit121

Dimo celebrates 1st anniversary with 62% OFF software bundle at FB

by CaitlinAaron
639 1 09/27/2017 03:01AM
Last Post by CaitlinAaron

Sync iTunes Music Library to Samsung Galaxy Note8

by BrunsonSwin
513 1 09/19/2017 06:23AM
Last Post by BrunsonSwin

Using my AM335x board as usb gadget

by Ison Thomas
486 1 09/09/2017 08:15AM
Last Post by Ison Thomas

[OMAP4] 2nd Core Crash

by FelixDB
371 1 07/26/2017 07:47AM
Last Post by FelixDB

How about this board?

by lucky
501 1 06/19/2017 02:22AM
Last Post by lucky

Transcode MTS for Corel VideoStudio Pro native editing

by CaitlinAaron
984 1 05/06/2017 03:48AM
Last Post by CaitlinAaron

Transfer & Manage Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Content in An Easy

by FrMalone
927 3 03/27/2017 02:46AM
Last Post by BellyBlack

Erase Private Data from Samsung Android Phone before Recycle

by BrunsonSwin
874 2 03/14/2017 11:43PM
Last Post by Ibllkuy

SSH connection for AT91SAM9261 controller

by psquare
631 1 02/21/2017 02:30AM
Last Post by psquare

Booting into external initramfs

by micalmix
912 1 02/10/2017 09:01AM
Last Post by micalmix

How Can I Play Blu-Ray on WMP in Windows 10/8.1/8

by CaitlinAaron
622 1 01/16/2017 06:12AM
Last Post by CaitlinAaron

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Android Phones on Mac

by FrMalone
758 1 12/29/2016 09:05PM
Last Post by FrMalone

One-click Backup & Restore Samsung Galaxy Note 7

by FrMalone
823 3 12/05/2016 04:01AM
Last Post by Kiyomi

One-click to Root Samsung Android Phones on Mac

by ReevesSkin
705 1 12/01/2016 01:46AM
Last Post by ReevesSkin

powerpc linux kernel board bring-up problem

by nicolasb565
1,148 1 11/21/2016 05:23PM
Last Post by nicolasb565

Embedded linux device drivers

by keeplight
1,038 1 10/28/2016 02:42PM
Last Post by keeplight

How to Import Outlook Contacts to Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

by ReevesSkin
1,132 1 08/07/2016 09:43PM
Last Post by ReevesSkin

DMA driver and Devicetree

by htorke
835 1 08/02/2016 04:54PM
Last Post by htorke

Reset Password Lock from Samsung Android When Forgot

by FrMalone
955 1 07/07/2016 02:12AM
Last Post by FrMalone

Tegra 30 cpu freq driver under 4.6.2 kernel

by kamil
830 1 07/01/2016 06:51AM
Last Post by kamil

From 88F6281 to 88F6702

by Just1
1,021 1 05/01/2016 05:45PM
Last Post by Just1

Newbie question on Linux Kernel development

by stephanel
2,532 2 03/25/2016 04:46AM
Last Post by turboscrew

Force power on state after resume

by Stane1983
1,184 1 03/21/2016 04:17PM
Last Post by Stane1983

The NES representation of Mike Tyson

by mmodiy1
1,223 1 03/04/2016 01:12AM
Last Post by mmodiy1