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Embedded Linux

Anything related to Linux development for embedded devices. 
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How to learn Linux from Zero level?

by Talor
2,379 3 11/28/2011 10:15PM
Last Post by Talor

Why the default rootfs should be like this???confused smiley

by renjunqu
1,849 2 11/16/2011 09:19PM
Last Post by renjunqu

which debugging softward I can use

by Talor
2,311 1 11/09/2011 12:51AM
Last Post by Talor

weather can use other Linux2.6

by Talor
1,898 2 11/08/2011 10:28PM
Last Post by Talor

Keyboard interfacing

by prabhuraj
2,155 1 08/17/2011 07:17AM
Last Post by prabhuraj

Find device base address

by contumax
2,165 1 08/13/2011 01:17PM
Last Post by contumax

windriver rtlinux patch

by liuxgate
2,526 1 08/12/2011 05:06AM
Last Post by liuxgate

Embedded Operating System Development Environment

by EmbeddedNewbie
4,831 2 08/12/2011 03:56AM
Last Post by ramon

Customizing shutdown process

by agambier
2,212 1 07/26/2011 03:25AM
Last Post by agambier

problem opening SPI driver on PowerPC 8313

by Yan
4,993 3 07/25/2011 12:46AM
Last Post by Kalimuthu

Embedded Linux Blog tutorials

by Sumit Bandyopadhyay
2,320 2 07/24/2011 03:04PM
Last Post by Sam

Command to list headers included in a .ko files

by theoutkast
2,630 1 07/11/2011 07:43AM
Last Post by theoutkast

Create interrupt in the Linux kernel

by intrcadence
2,613 1 07/11/2011 12:12AM
Last Post by intrcadence

porting linux kernel to a new architecture HOW TO

by Mohamed Adel
10,164 11 07/09/2011 02:25AM
Last Post by Deepak G

wrong dts file for SPI devices

by intrcadence
3,148 1 07/08/2011 12:30AM
Last Post by intrcadence

Read directly processor pin

by krix
2,469 2 06/28/2011 08:59AM
Last Post by elonica

Kernel fails to insert modules

by Neo
14,251 3 06/28/2011 06:31AM
Last Post by elonica

Linux Kernel 2.6.12 on ARM 9 Board - on S3C2440 microcontroller

by usman_madni@yahoo.com
2,821 3 06/09/2011 03:20AM
Last Post by usman_madni@yahoo.com

Terminal Emulation over TCPIP

by elvis61
2,086 1 05/06/2011 12:34PM
Last Post by elvis61

problem with suspend lcd display with fbcon on lpc3250

by fr0st61te
2,345 1 05/06/2011 03:20AM
Last Post by fr0st61te

Implementing a Software Uart Driver on ARM processor with Linux 2.4

by PortHarcourtBoy
3,139 1 03/28/2011 08:02PM
Last Post by PortHarcourtBoy

AMD Geode GX - 10.10 Server Installation - no kernel installed

by E. Brachos
2,901 1 03/19/2011 02:50PM
Last Post by E. Brachos

Need a understanding on Bluetooth driver

by eternity007
3,083 1 03/09/2011 06:58AM
Last Post by eternity007

Sound in mini2440

by a1ien.n3t
2,643 1 03/07/2011 09:35AM
Last Post by a1ien.n3t

Problem reducing system boot time

by Maxn
6,424 5 03/06/2011 11:53PM
Last Post by sriharsha

help in loading Zimage from SDcard

by tamamontu
3,181 2 02/17/2011 11:29PM
Last Post by SREEJU GR

pipe > sometimes block even in non-blocking mode

by agambier
4,280 1 02/04/2011 06:00AM
Last Post by agambier

Selecting Kernel Release

by mkarrman
3,194 1 11/18/2010 08:03AM
Last Post by mkarrman

RealView ICE

by chenzhao
4,653 1 10/12/2010 11:30PM
Last Post by chenzhao

I2C adapter needed at board init

by Henry
3,432 1 10/04/2010 09:25PM
Last Post by Henry