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Performance tuning

My Linux system is not performing the way I think it should. Is there anything i can do? 
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TCP Application Buffer "Performance and Tuning"

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Can Loops per jiffy value vary?

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mmap performance on 3.2

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Favorite performance tools?

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Perf timechart - to monitor linux boot up

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SSD performance tweaks

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Linux Driver Optimization

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Performance Issues and processor arquitecture!

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Write starves read with deadline scheduler

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kernel 2.6.xx USB 2.0 suppport

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Building the "Just Enough Kernel"

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"nice" does not increase CPU usage

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Linux md driver source code

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Why check_valid_pointer takes to many cpu cycles when write?

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Standard vs custom kernel -- pty performance

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Suppressing keyboard input

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[2.6.19] Slow routing across physical devices

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[sh4][2.6.17] latency peaks with unix sockets on heavy loads

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