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How can I change the kernel load/entry address?

Posted by markdoyle 
How can I change the kernel load/entry address?
October 30, 2014 01:45PM
This refers to an embedded Arm (NS9750) system with 16 M ram and kernel

I'm building an embedded system that needs to use the ram from physical address 0x1000 to 0x42000 for a special application. The kernel defaults to loading at 0x8000 and puts the page tables at 0x4000. I haven't found a published method for changing the load/entry address, but I've had some success with the following changes to make the load/entry point 0x48000:
in arch\arm\Makefile change textofs-y to 0x48000
in arch\arm\kernel\vmlinux.lds change SECTIONS { . = 0xC0000000 + 0x0048000;
in arch\arm\mach-ns9xxx\Makefile.boot change zreladdr-y := 0x48000

This seems to partially work in that the kernel boots and runs Busybox, but I often get user program crashes and kernel Oops.

Any suggestions, references or comments will be appreciated. Thanks.
Re: How can I change the kernel load/entry address?
November 14, 2017 05:22AM
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Re: How can I change the kernel load/entry address?
November 28, 2017 06:56AM
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Re: How can I change the kernel load/entry address?
September 04, 2018 01:56PM
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