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How to compile linux kernel 0.11

Posted by Sanath 
How to compile linux kernel 0.11
August 19, 2008 12:50PM
Hi friends, I'm an UG student. I'm very much interested in linux and i am well versed with the theoritical basics of OS. I also am doing a course on UNIX. So i thought it would high time i make my hands dirty on kernel codes. I did not want to read very latest linux source as it would be very advanced for me. I downloaded linux kernel 0.11 from oldlinux.org. I have the source with me but is there any way i can compile the code and install in my system and see how it works. If not on my physical computer atleast on a virtual machine like qemu, or virtualBox. I really want to compile those codes and see how they work..Please help me with a how-to on the above. Please give me as much information as possible.. Thanks
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