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opening a file from kernel space

Posted by cyberdyne_ceo 
opening a file from kernel space
September 28, 2014 04:26PM
Hi, I'm starting to learn how to make a FS driver and I have two questions to start with:

1) Is it possible to open a file on another FS from within my own driver? I would like to do a driver that allows me to mount a a file system that resides in a file. mount -t myownfs /root/filecontainingmyfs /mnt

2) Is it possible to use TCP sockets from within my module? Actually, I'm pretty sure it is since there are a few network FS drivers that exist, but I guess I can't use same socket library as when I am in userland right? What API should I look at for that?

Thank you.
Re: opening a file from kernel space
October 10, 2015 06:24AM
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