You can brush character with a friend to do the job
January 20, 2016 09:30PM
Planting experience book could get experience gains, planting tree can obtain important things about silver silver. The statue can brush out many props, experience and drafts. Statues can brush lots of props, experience as well while drafts.

Partners: can lecturer pet, you can fit, loading equipment, wander back to Deadman Rs Gold their unique experiences, partners and the greatest equipment as there can be purple, the worst is white other qualities may become red seal feed you would like to partner eat. Qualified partners can comb but to "savvy jade. "

Interactive: You can brush character with a friend to do the job to let your friends give you a bonus attribute. You can also send the book into a friend / send eggs have noticed / can draw, there is an interactive meditation when you're able to take liberties with a person experienced Dan / had been molested can get more experience. fifatli20

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