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task props prove how the transaction vow

Posted by xiaoliu 
task props prove how the transaction vow
January 20, 2016 09:32PM
After 45 to physically upgrade, of course, can not upgrade, there are other things it is possible to play for divination You possibly can exchange epic, epic pieces and some other rare props.

Wishing: character level reaches 1 out of 3, into the "King City" map, find 07 Rs Gold "Wishing angels" Wanting open interface, select props hope currently obtained. Get your desire to adopt a vow of players within the next task, and successfully completed, will be completed within the stipulated time the task props prove how the transaction vow to an individual, the two sides vow to complete the task, you will be recognized.

Equipment: green installed by enjoying the "treasure hunt order" to have equipment in the artificial green fitted (as well as exquisite green containers). fifatli20

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