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How does the Hoverboard IN ADDITION work?

Posted by winniejie 
How does the Hoverboard IN ADDITION work?
January 26, 2016 02:35AM
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The future is in this article! Presenting the new creation of personal transportation, the Hoverboard PLUS! You can literally hop on board with the most recent development in technology which is taking the world by storm. From celebrities like Chelsea Brown and Justin Bieber to help vloggers and film deckie's, everyone is getting face to face, with the hands free hoverboard. Walking is so out-dated which perfectly designed self-balancing board will be the must have piece of tech right this moment!

How does the Hoverboard IN ADDITION work?

It's simple! With highly developed pressure pad recognition, you simply lean in the direction you would like to go, just by pushing the toes down. The Hoverboard can come in any direction and even spin on the spot - making it extremely all to easy to turn and navigate round tight corners. The Hoverboard PLUS offers two natural rubber tyres, making it smooth to make use of - even on hard surfaces.
The Hoverboard PLUS is usually small, lightweight and can quickly be carried around on buses or trains. Also when you buy with us, we will include a free of charge carry case, at no extra cost to you!
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