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Laying the floor height will be bad?

Posted by hhm1020 
Laying the floor height will be bad?
March 08, 2016 09:19PM
Under normal circumstances, when laying flooring, if the increase in the keel under the floor will be laid out foot feeling very bad feeling fluctuated, therefore, the majority of owners will choose not to keel, floor laid directly on the ground leveling , the results appeared in the height difference between the living room and bedroom. This is because the thickness of the laminate flooring and tiles similar to itself, but the laying of ceramic tiles need cement cushion, generally not less than 1.3 times the thickness of the tile, so that the convergence of the two materials will appear height difference.
(1) if the laying of two different materials, such as tiles and flooring in the living room, before laying, laying must be asked in detail about the effect of technology and related construction workers after laying, and whether height between the poor, then determine the laying plan.
(2) In laying the floor, the best laid in the floor below the substrate plate to reduce the height difference.
(3) can interface with marble tiles and meets the floor or use a metal buckle. Transition with marble, while contact with the floor for a ground slope, so the transition to natural. Buckle copper strip and aluminum strip, colors are gold, silver, matt, polished, style and thickness also has a variety of choices, and the owner can choose the same color as the floor. Construction must be in strict accordance with the norms do avoid future expansion buckle from falling.
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