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Floor arching reason

Posted by hhm1020 
Floor arching reason
March 15, 2016 10:35PM
Wood floor in the course, if bagging phenomenon may greatly unfavorable, many users question: Is there any way to prevent bagging it? After bagging how to solve it? But Xiao Bian that, ultimately, the root cause is the most useful grab. Preventive measure, to prevent is not very simple.
Industry experts said that the main cause of the living room floor in the middle of the arch, there are three.
The first reason is that the floor due to improper use, or living room Heating faucet running water, so that the floor soaked in water for too long, wet the floor expansion deformation occurs due to swelling larger size nowhere done, only arch.
The second reason is laying on the floor, too much emphasis on seamless, stretched too tightly, as the climate changes in humidity, the floor is too close, as the humidity can not be expanded, only arch.
The third reason is laying on the floor, spread to the wall, 2 cm gap should be left as expansion joints, then cover with paste feet, and some consumers in order to clean and allow workers to lay seam try to stay a little more carefully, and even small wood infill, which would also make the floor unable to stretch, resulting in arch.
Way to prevent this phenomenon is very simple, is to choose the quality of clearance quality products to ensure a suitable environment construction in strict accordance with the construction requirements of the construction, and to do in the course of the heating pipes, taps it watertight.
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