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Enterprise Resource floor

Posted by hhm1020 
Enterprise Resource floor
April 07, 2016 02:22AM
Integration of industry resources crisis spawned under the floor is a typical resource-led industry, stable resource supply chain can be said that the survival of the lifeblood of the industry,outdoor tounge and groove grey porch market competition will inevitably lead to competition for resources production of raw materials.

At present, China is far more complex solid wood flooring manufacturers, wood manufacturers, many manufacturers are already facing bricks without straw dilemma.building an outdoor wood wall panel Limited forest resources in China, and since 1998, the National Natural Forest Protection Project began to take measures to gradually reduce the domestic forest cutting, domestic timber supply gap larger market,composite porch flooring distributors more and more dependent on imports of timber supply.

It is reported that the domestic market for more than 95% of the wood flooring from Southeast Asia, South Africa, Indonesia and other places, wpc and ps wood difference so that the meeting focused on Chinese companies is already very evident. Timber exporter itself to implement sustainable development, will lead the era of large quantities of timber supply China's history, but before the hubbub of the "Sinar Mas Group Event" is enough to make the industry wake-up call.

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