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Mechanical behavior

Posted by hhm1020 
Mechanical behavior
April 13, 2016 09:20PM
The concept of a stress on the body cross-sectional area inside the unit to withstand the forces called stress. Stress caused by the external force is called stress work stress, in the absence of external force equilibrium conditions inside an object called internal stress (such as tissue stress, thermal stress, preserved after the end of the process of residual stress ... etc).
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When the two mechanical properties, the metal external force (load) in certain temperature conditions, the ability to resist deformation and fracture mechanical properties of materials referred to as metal (also known as mechanical properties). The loads of metallic materials take many forms, it may be a static loads, dynamic loads may be, including individually or simultaneously subjected to tensile stress, compressive stress, bending stress, shearing stress and torsional stress, as well as friction, vibration, impact and so on.
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Mechanical properties of metallic materials is the main basis for the design and selection of parts when. Applied load different properties (such as tensile, compression, torsion, impact, cyclic loading, etc.), the mechanical properties of metallic materials required will be different. Common mechanical properties include: strength, ductility, hardness, toughness, impact resistance and fatigue limit several times and so on.discount stainless steel for sale

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