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Advantages of bamboo flooring

Posted by hhm1020 
Advantages of bamboo flooring
April 14, 2016 05:55PM
Ingredients: heavy bamboo flooring industry base advantage to ease inflationary pressures including flooring, cabinets, furniture and staircases. Compared with wood floor substrate, the substrate heavy bamboo flooring growth cycle is shorter and wider materials, lower cost of bamboo, horse fencing cost per foot in order to relieve the pressure due to the raw material. Process: Dekor heavy bamboo flooring industry into the "high iron" bamboo flooring development before age 20 years, just like the traditional six speed railway, advantages and disadvantages of composite lumber benches has never been able to achieve "high-speed rail" technology.

The emergence of heavy bamboo flooring, fundamentally changed the traditional bamboo flooring rough pattern, broke through the limitations of ordinary bamboo flooring manufacturing process, so that the processing revolutionary utilization of raw materials increased from 30% to 90%. upvc cladding caravans It can be said is the product of heavy bamboo bamboo flooring industry in the forefront of technology, the introduction of real bamboo flooring processing "iron" the era of industrialization. It is because of excellent quality, has been following after heavy bamboo wood flooring market in Europe and America has become a mature product.

At present, China bamboo flooring nearly 60 percent more than exported to Europe, Japan and other developed countries. International market for more targeted selection of bamboo flooring,acrylic impregnated engineered wood flooring Bamboo flooring is becoming the key products.


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