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better quality floor goods

Posted by hhm1020 
better quality floor goods
April 28, 2016 05:16AM
3, pay attention to product appearance quality, better quality goods generally surface gloss uniformity, clear and beautiful patterns, crack-free surface, stack up strip, patch, burr grooves, sand thoroughly, scratches, paint bubbling paint defects such as leakage; 4, may require authorities to provide distribution unit quality inspection report issued by the environmental protection not only concerned about whether or not qualified, but also pay attention to see whether other performance indicators qualified;

5, the quality of the floor;non warping plastic composite lumber panels one-third floor, seven installation;. Buy a home on the floor just a semi-finished products, and only through science,cheaper better wood railing proper installation in order to reflect its value. Consumers should be based; who sells, who installed; the principle of determining the installation team.

Daily use of maintenance: due to the natural characteristics of wood, influenced by the climate, some changes have to go through a certain season can be demonstrated, in general, wood flooring in one year does not appear it means that the quality of basic floor is relatively stable, so the floor after-sales service is very important. After the parquet laying is completed, after at least 24 hours before use to health, otherwise it will affect parquet effect.


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