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Ecological wood manufacturers

Posted by hhm1020 
Ecological wood manufacturers
June 14, 2016 06:46AM
Ecological wood is to use a small amount of wood fiber and polymer resins, and extruded material, its apparent physical properties of solid wood features, but also has a waterproof, corrosion, insulation and other characteristics, the addition of the light and heat stabilizers, UV resistance and low temperature impact resistance and other modifiers to make products with a strong weather resistance, aging resistance and UV resistance, long-term use in indoor, outdoor, dry, humidity and other harsh environments, no deterioration, mildew and cracking.

Practical value seven trust ecological wood manufactured using an extrusion process, the product can be color, size, shape is controlled according to need, truly on-demand, minimize cost, conservation of forest resources. And because the wood fibers and the resin can be recycled repeatedly, it is a new industry that is truly sustainable. Ecological quality wood materials can be effectively removed the natural defects of natural wood, waterproof, fire, corrosion, anti-termite function. Also, because the main ingredient is wood, wood and wood residue, wood texture and the same can be nails, drilling, grinding, sawing, planing, paint, easy deformation, cracking.

Overall practical production process and the unique value of ecological wood technology enables the amount of material loss is reduced to zero. Ecological wood materials and products by consumers because of the practical value of wood ecological and environmental features prominent, can be recycled.

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