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Flooring industry competitive situation worsening

Posted by hhm1020 
Flooring industry competitive situation worsening
September 11, 2016 11:38PM
Traditional floor sales season approaching, the store around the board did not appear as usual lively crowds, the supermarkets also deserted. It is understood that this situation on the one hand is affected by the industry downturn, on the other hand floor sales staff strongly recommend their products, but always belittle opponents to achieve their goals. Thus, not only the loss of consumer confidence to buy, since the length of this, competition in the flooring industry has deteriorated, resulting in today's situation is not busy season.

For each kind of slander thing, if we do not do it to be nice to sit down and discuss a solution or most simply, talking to all the other good, that does not mean consumers will eventually allow for hands others. Should establish a fist of foreign ideas, try to avoid this phenomenon. In fact, the tree has length, people high and low points, there are water voicing, sub-surface ugly Jun, mortal beings busy in the wider world, they are inseparable from competition and cooperation. Competition and cooperation will always be closely linked to the body of a couplet brothers, are two different kinds of interpersonal relationships.

However, dealers mindset change is not one or two days, so accustomed to the easy life of the brothers and then into a big family live, of course, very difficult to redistribute it involves a lot of interest, which is a key constraint cooperation. New car yet need to run, let alone across multiple brand dealers. Even if there is a certain degree of difficulty is cooperation, but mutual slander event shall promptly banned.

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