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example, introduces how

Posted by hhm1020 
example, introduces how
January 11, 2017 09:38PM
<p>&quot;.Mpg&quot; file) (5) MPEG2 (with an extension of the &quot;.Mpg&quot; file) (6) WMV (with an extension of &quot;.Wmv&quot; or &quot;.Asf&quot; file) 2, the following picture file format (USB player may not be able to play some cases (JPEG): (1) with an extension of &quot;.Jpg&quot; and in accordance with the DCF or Exif JPEG format) (2) RAW (with an extension of the &quot;.Arw&quot; ARW/ARW2.0 format) (only preview. (3) (MPO) with an extension of the &quot;.Mpo&quot; file) 3, the following music file format for USB playback: (1) MP3 (with an extension of &quot;.Mp3&quot; </p>
<p>and not subject to copyright protection documents (2) (WAV) with an extension of the &quot;.Wav&quot; file) can only display scrolling panorama the JPEG file below the horizontal / vertical dimension. If the JPEG file is edited on PC, it may not be able to scroll. ) horizontal scrolling display: 4912/1080, 7152/1080, 3424/1920, 4912/1920, 12416/1856, 8192/1856, 5536/2160, 3872/2160, 10480/4096, 1080/4912 vertical scrolling display: 1080/7152, 1920/3424, 1920/4912, 1856/12416, 1856/8192, 2160/5536, </p>
<p>2160/3872, 4096/ 10480 on Sony TV related information Xiaobian and here, believe that everyone on the Sony TV has a new understanding, Sony TV for more information please continue to pay attention to us, we will provide more content for everyone.Smart TV is a full open platform, equipped with the operating system, users enjoy the same ordinary TV content, to install and uninstall all kinds of application software, ongoing expansion and upgrading of the new product on TV function. Smart TV </p>
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