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lion head. The original

Posted by hhm1020 
lion head. The original
January 15, 2017 10:49PM
<p>in general, if a cluttered, or messy, so own financial ability will be weak, but money will not control, so the Treasury should keep bright and clean, the best can put a cornucopia in the Treasury, then through the cornucopia of enrichment of energy, can not only </p>
<p>bring endless wealth for you, but also let you smooth felicitous wish of making money, great luck in making money. 3, right white tiger is thewealth swing yellow crystal tree the most popular gas general Feng Shui book often praised the &quot;Qinglong party&quot; and &quot;white tiger&quot; to belittle, but for the money, on behalf of the party: white tiger is actually a windfall, so if you want to increase the windfall profit or by investing in people, can put a yellow crystal the tree in the white tiger, because the yellow crystal tree 04-06 </p>
<p>energy strongest, can increase your windfall, let your lucky index continued to rise, but remember the yellow crystal tree must be kept clean. 4, the use of mirrors, paintings open restaurant food Paul Choi &quot;food Paul&quot; is also a form of money, so I want to eat well, dress beauty &quot;, then you must not ignore the restaurant because the restaurant is also a symbol of Feng Shui, home of the Treasury, so usually in addition to maintaining clean air besides, the best you can put a mirror on the table side, the mirror reflection of </p>
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