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after the completion of the

Posted by hhm1020 
after the completion of the
January 16, 2017 11:14PM
<p>popular package offer method to cheat customers, seemingly scientific, practical projects vague. 7, before the renovation to Yuyang, contract business, after the completion of the decoration, appearing quality problem they get, and qualityIn the decoration of the new homes, many consumers do not know how to sign the contract decoration, decoration decoration contracts need to pay attention to those matters? Some owners signed a contract in a hurry, resulting in a series of disputes late. In order to clear the </p>
<p>responsibility of both sides, to reduce decoration disputes, consumers should pay attention to the following points in the decoration contract. In the signing of the contract is the premise of the note: sign the contract when the decoration can not be questioned. Consumers to Jiezhuang companies in the decoration, to understand a lot of attention: on the aspects of the quality of the project, on the decorative materials, on the design about the customer service service, on the complaint, a renovation contract etc.. For </p>
<p>these problems, if not at the end, try not to rush to sign the decoration contract. Renovation contracts signed note 1, the duration of contract is generally 2 bedroom 100 square meters room, simple decoration, construction period of 35 days, the decoration company for insurance, the general would agree to a 45-50 days period, if you are anxious to stay, can discuss this clause and is signed in design. 2, the payment of the general decoration contract, agreed to pay down 60%, after the acceptance of the carpenter </p>
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