clean.How to effectively maintain
January 17, 2017 04:09AM
<p>alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical corrosion is the outstanding environmental protection material.Glass Mosaic has two basic characteristics: one is the transparency, 2 it is reflective.It is gorgeous color, designed to graphic effect is better.The dreamy color gives a person with a clean, clear, can be widely used in wei yu and the swimming pool, but its not wear-resisting, rarely to common ground.Prevent slippery wear-resisting, colour and lustre is plump, good water imbibition, this is one of the main </p>
<p>reasons for consumers to choose Mosaic.Second, between wei yu Mosaic essentials for specification of choose and buy should pay attention to whether the same between particles to neat specification, each size are the same;Whether every small particles edge tidy;Place single chip Mosaic on level ground test whether level off;Monolithic Mosaic back to see if there is too thick emulsion layer.Process should be rigorous first touch glaze, and can feel the prevent slippery degree;Then watch thickness, thickness decide </p>
<p>density, high density is bibulous rate is low;The last is to look at the quality of a material, the inner middle glaze is usually the Mosaic with good quality.Bibulous rate is lower the elements of this is to ensure that the Mosaic durable, so need to test water absorption, drop by drop on the back of Mosaic, can drop to the spillover of good quality and the quality of the permeate down.Wei yu in the indoor area, accounting for area is small, but it is very important.Between wei yu is the place that we wash, how to </p>
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