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paint dripping furniture soiled.Second

Posted by hhm1020 
paint dripping furniture soiled.Second
January 18, 2017 08:04PM
<p>cleaning and maintenance, so specific how to operate, see below.1, please will tap and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry with water please pull bibcock and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry with water, do not use any detergent has abrade effect, cloth or paper towel, and any detergent containing acid, the content such as polishing abrasive detergent or soap wipe the bibcock surface.2, with a soft cloth to clean once a week hardware surface due to the usual use of all kinds of sperm washing, shower gel, and other long-term </p>
<p>survival in chrome plated surface degradation will make bibcock surface luster and directly affect the surface quality of parts.Please at least once a week with a soft cloth to clean a hardware surface, it is best to use a neutral detergent, such as be, etc.3, mild liquid detergent to clean dirt for dirties, difficult to remove surface scale membrane and stains, etc., please use the mild liquid soap, colorless glass cleaning fluid or excluding effect of polishing liquid and cleaning, and then use clean water to remove all clean </p>
<p>bibcock of removing all the detergent and soft cotton cloth to wipe dry.Metope paint has certain construction skills, careful owner may find just decorate wall paint color uneven, repair paint, lacquer and the drain in order to avoid this kind of cases, the owners need to know some knowledge of metope paint construction.Play house small make up to sort out the six steps of metope paint, here to share with you.A, ready to work Door and window frames, furniture and paint, paste color paper protection.Do furniture </p>
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