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Customized furniture homogeneity is serious

Posted by hhm1020 
Customized furniture homogeneity is serious
February 06, 2017 05:27AM
<P>Visit various types of custom furniture sales point, not difficult to find, personalized custom furniture in fact, there are many similar or even the same appearance. Custom furniture designers to consumers from the program's massive program library, the program simple mashup, and to size / color slightly adjusted, can be said to be a limited "custom."</P>
<P>Completely based on customer habits, hobbies, room-wide housing customization program, not only is a test of the designer's skill, but also a test of the factory production line cost control.</P>
<p>Insiders pointed out: "Now it is custom, the correct concept should be 'mass customization." Mass customization concept, the original furniture from the original product can not respond to the diverse needs of consumers, therefore, need To give flexibility to the cured product, in accordance with the different needs of individual consumers to give certain parameters and the flexibility to modify performance, which is a 'limited custom.' "</p>


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