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Huawei 3COM switch configuration command explain

Posted by hhm1020 
Huawei 3COM switch configuration command explain
May 01, 2018 11:27PM
Add MAC address entries in Ethernet port view

[Quidway-Ethernet0/2]mac-address {static | dynamic| blackhole } mac-address vlan vlan-id

When adding a MAC address entry, the current port must belong to the VLAN specified by the vlan parameter in the command; otherwise, the port will fail to be added; if the VLAN specified by the vlan parameter is a dynamic VLAN, the static VLAN will be automatically added after the static MAC address is added.

[Quidway]mac-address timer{aging age | no-aging } ; Set the aging time of MAC address entries.

Note that: By default, the aging time of a MAC address entry is 300 seconds. When no-aging is used, the MAC address entry is not aged. The MAC address aging time configuration takes effect on all ports. However, the address aging function only affects dynamic (learned or user-configurable) MAC address entries.

[Quidway-Ethernet0/2] mac-address max-mac-countcount ; Set the maximum number of MAC addresses that the port can learn.

Caution: By default, no limit is set on the number of MAC addresses learned by a port. Conversely, if MAC authentication and port security are enabled on the port, the maximum number of MAC addresses learned on the port cannot be configured.

[Quidway-Ethernet0/2]port-mac start-mac-address; configure the starting MAC address of the Ethernet port

By default, the Ethernet port of the E126/E126A switch is not configured with a MAC address. Therefore, when the switch sends Layer 2 protocol packets (such as STP), the switch will use the MAC address of the transmitting port. The preset MAC address is filled into the packet as the source address and sent. In an actual networking, multiple devices use the same source MAC address to send Layer 2 protocol packets. This causes the same MAC address to be learned on different ports of a device. This may cause maintenance of the MAC address table. influences.

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