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Huawei Switch Hybrid Interface

Posted by hhm1020 
Huawei Switch Hybrid Interface
May 08, 2018 01:40AM
The hybrid interface can carry traffic of multiple VLANs. It can be used on an interface connected to a PC or a switch. The biggest difference from the trunk interface is that any VLAN can be marked or untagged. When the hybrid interface receives a data frame, it first determines whether the data frame has vlan information. If yes, it checks whether the interface tags the vlan. If the vlan is marked, it is directly forwarded to the corresponding interface. Interface processing;

If it is not explicitly stated that the vlan is marked, it is discarded. Because by default, the hybrid interface only allows the data frames of the default vlan to pass. If you want to allow other vlan to pass, you must mark the corresponding vlan. If the received data frame has no tag, it is marked as its own PVID.

The role of the VLAN tag on the interface is to allow and disallow the data frames of the vlan to pass. When the interface is configured to mark some VLANs, it only works when the interface sends data frames. When the interface receives data, it does not work.

When the hybrid interface sends a data frame, if the data frame has a tag, it is judged whether the tag vlan of the data frame and the vlan are in the same vlan. If it is in the same vlan, the tag is forwarded after the tag is removed; if the data frame and the data frame are not The same vlan, then the interface is judged whether the data frame is marked or not marked. If it is not marked, then the label is removed and then forwarded. If it is a label, it is directly forwarded. If it is not clearly stated as a label, it is still not marked. Drop directly.

If the data frame to be sent is not marked, it is forwarded directly. When an interface is added to vlan2 and the interface is set to the hybrid interface, the PVID of the interface becomes vlan2, and the data frame of vlan2 is not marked.

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