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Big Tier 2 and virtual machine-aware networks

Posted by hhm1020 
Big Tier 2 and virtual machine-aware networks
May 10, 2018 01:00AM
The location-independent deployment of servers/VMs and the hot migration of VMs can more flexibly and quickly complete the deployment of business deployments, and can also make full use of the data center's computing resources.

However, traditional Layer 2 STP protocols have problems such as slow convergence, small scope, and low link utilization. They cannot meet the requirements of cloud data centers and must implement a large-scale Layer 2 network through new protocols.

For various new protocols, CT-based solutions (TRILL/SPcool smiley are more mature than IT solutions (VxLAN/NVGRE). The CT-based solution to build a large Layer 2 network requires consideration of the ARP specification and processing capabilities of the L3 gateway. However, IT-based solutions face the unclear interface between the network and the system management maintenance. It also requires physical servers that do not support VxLAN/NVGRE. Consider some issues such as access through the VxLAN/VNGRE gateway.

The mobility of the VM causes the data center to change from a static network to a dynamic network. The related network configuration of the VM needs to be dynamically migrated as the VM is migrated. The data center network needs to have the capability of virtual machine sensing. The network's perception of virtual machines is divided into two types, in-band and out-of-band.

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