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Posted by hhm1020 
<p>Actually, I use the 30 password, but not many people are as sick as I am. Besides, it's too long to remember. 10 English numerals plus punctuation punctuation and irregular password, if you want to exhaustion, to the current machine speed, also takes a lot of time, in fact, a password in accordance with the current personal computer speed, the exhaustive solution takes more than ten thousand years. Remember, WS C4506 S2 48 Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Chassis WPA2 encryption is a case of small and case sensitive, so, the password inside must remember the inclusion of the size and case, so in such a word, the 26 English letters in the keyword to expand to 52... The most important thing is to increase the number of keywords.</p>
<p>Of course, the use of WPA2 encryption is not completely safe. In theory, now we can quickly crack the password of WPA/WPA2 through WPA-PSK Hash Tables. In fact, WPA-PSK Hash Tables is a password table, which contains the common password collected by many hackers. Many people feel that no one knows the password, which will be collected in this table. But it seems that the table is now as big as 50G, even if it is a simplified version of 3G size, the size of the 3G is a free version of the version, but not suitable for China's national conditions, because not many people in China called ANDY, TOMMY and so on? If you are willing to spend money on the complete version of 50G, I admire you. Dude, rub a net. Do you think you can't pull the cable yourself?</p>
<p>4. Setting MAC address filtering</p>
<p>This is obvious, allowing only the specific MAC to access the Internet, and the remaining MAC does not allow access to the network. Although MAC is easy to disguise, one more protection will give the Internet users more trouble.</p>
<p>5. Close the router's DHCP service</p>
<p>When you turn off the DHCP service, your own machine will also have to use the function of manually configuring the IP address, because if you set up the IP address automatically, you can't get IP and the gateway and HUAWEI EchoLife Series GPON EPON ONT Modem EG8242H yourself. Why do you want to turn this off? Ha ha, closed the DHCP service, even if the net finally cracked the wireless password, even on the router, the results found no IP address, so he also had to manually set up IP. Wait a minute, you will manually set IP, I will not change the IP paragraph?</p>
<p>6, it is strange to change the network segment of the router Lan.</p>
<p>General home routers use three IP segments, or or We can change it to 192.168.X.0/24 or 10.0.X.0/24. The last second sections do not use the common numbers 0 and 1, but use other non - common numbers, such as 4, 7, 38 ah 84, and so on, which number is used, that is to see personal preferences.</p>
<p>7, the router's Lan address is also changed</p>
<p>The general router Lan address is the first IP of the Lan subnet, for example, a subnet is a subnet of the, and the router Lan will use, the IP, and this IP is usually responsible for the gateway and DNS on the home route. What we have to do is to change the IP and change the last one. For example, X.X.X.48, X.X.X.74, and so on. Accordingly, the gateway of your machine will also have to be set up to this address, and HUAWEI AP5030DN 802 11ac AP can also be set to this address (if your router has a DNS cache function), or DNS directly set up as the DNS address to the operator.</p>

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