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Posted by hhm1020 
<p>As shown above, in order to facilitate the demonstration, I put the Grancom Ot 16E1 Eth 110Km Distance 16E1 Rs232 Multiplexer on the top of the notebook. In the next operation, we need to enter the computer operation, so it is necessary to put the router next. The installation of fiber optic routers is basically finished here. Next, we have to set up the optical fiber wireless router. Before setting up, we first have to understand the IP default login address of the router and the network provider to provide our internet account and password.</p>
<p>How to find the router login IP address and the internet account</p>
<p>1, first of all, say the router's IP address, this different router default login address may be different, the vast majority are, and the router login user password and password is usually admin, the specific people please see your New Original Zte Gufq 4 Ge Fe Optical Card For Zte C300 Zte Olt Zte C300 Zte Gpon Olt Zte Epon Olt at the bottom of the annotation, as follows:</p>
<p>Router bottom will mark router IP address and username, password and other information such as the above picture, I use the TP-Link wireless router, its login management IP address is, username and password are admin, everyone please use their own routers tagged.</p>
<p>2, again to say, the business to provide us with the broadband account password problem, I pull the 10M Unicom fiber network, to the business hall to deal with, in the application, the network chamber of Commerce to give you the internet account and password, if no, please connect the local broadband network operator, as follows:</p>
<p>We can set up a wireless router after the Internet provider provides our internet account and password to connect our Huawei Smartax Ma5626 24Fe Ports Gpon Onu's IP address and the internet account and password. Let's give us a detailed introduction.</p>

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