Pressure test pump
November 21, 2018 09:18PM
Pressure test pump control system supporting oil field well pressure test truck, wellhead pressure test device, wellhead pressure test equipment, oil and gas well pressure test device, oil and gas well pressure test equipment, oil well pipeline pressure test pump, blowout preventer pressure test pump, etc. Our company specializes in research and development: new intelligent wireless controller and intelligent voice broadcaster of pressure test pump, which can cooperate with any type of pressure test pump manufactured by any manufacturer on the market for perfect pressure test, high pressure test, water pressure, air pressure, oil pressure and other comprehensive product performance test!
Speaking pressure test pump voice broadcast system is suitable for any type of pressure test pump manufactured by any manufacturer in the domestic market. Real-time voice broadcast: current pressure, voice reminder: current pressure drop, voice reminder: pressure holding time, please release! According to your test site, you need to set up any voice broadcast content project. Speaking intelligent voice broadcast system of pressure test pump makes your pressure test pump speak. It is suitable for any type of pressure test pump and pressure test pump control acquisition system of any manufacturer in the current market. Real-time voice alerts the pressure state change in the process of pressure test, so that your pressure test work is easy, labor-saving and time-saving.

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