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how to access the data inside a page

Posted by yangsuli 
how to access the data inside a page
July 26, 2010 04:50PM

I am trying to modify the ext2_writepage function so that it first calculates a checksum from the data we will write. And the checksum will be used elsewhere. So given as an argument the page descriptor page, I need to read the data inside that page. However, I am not quite sure how to do it.

I am thinking of using kmap_atomic/kunmap_atomic to establish a temporary kernel mapping, and the directly access the memory region as returned by kmap_atomic. But I am not quite whether it's safe or not to do so.

Is there a routine to safely access the data stored in a page, given the page descriptor?

Thanks a lot

Re: how to access the data inside a page
February 04, 2012 06:29AM
Sorry but don't have any idea of it. May someone else help you here.

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