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enable uuid support in kernel

Posted by Gastmann 
enable uuid support in kernel
April 23, 2009 10:37AM
i want to enable uuid support while booting in my linux kernel ( without using ramfs.
I have some usb flash drives and i cannot specify the correct root= kernel option.
The problem is, i do not want to have only ONE usb flash drive plugged in while booting. I want that if i have 10 flash drives plugged in it mounts the correct flash drive as root filesystem.

I think the uuid is a unique identifier for a filesystem and it should be possible to use it for my problem.
I thought about editing init/do_mounts.c in function name_to_dev_t(char *name) to parse the kernel option.
If I specify root=UUID:xx-xx-xx-xx the function should give me the minor-major-numbers of the correct device.
Is this possible and how? Are there other solutions? Some advices would be nice.

If you find a solution please to inform me.
Same problem 2.6.29 UUID and usb storage,
and i don't want an initrd

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