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how to include libata.h

Posted by afalanga 
how to include libata.h
June 24, 2015 11:04AM
I've learned that there are 2 header files named libata.h. I need access to the function ata_qc_new_init() and this function is prototyped in .../drivers/ata/libata.h. However, this isn't the header which is, apparently, meant to be used by the API because this function does not show up in .../include/linux/libata.h. (It is the latter that I'm including right now). So, how do I include this other file? Doing the following:

#include <drivers/ata/libata.h>


#include <ata/libata.h>

has not produced the desired results. What's the magic to getting this header file into my driver source?
Re: how to include libata.h
June 04, 2018 03:58AM

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