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Unable to locate implementation of rdmsr_safe_regs

Posted by Marty 
I am presently working on adding/proposing some additional features to the Model Specific Register kernel module. To this end, I am attempting to understand what the implementation of the msr_ioctl(X86_IOC_RDMSR_REGS) call is doing.

msr_ioctl(X86_IOC_RDMSR_REGS) calls rdmsr_safe_regs_on_cpu() which sets up __rdmsr_safe_regs_on_cpu() as a callback function to perform the actual work. This callback function then calls rdmsr_safe_regs().

Unfortunately, I am unable to find the implementation for rdmsr_safe_regs(). lxr only mentions references and a prototype definition.

I've also manually grepped through the entire kernel source tree and have not been able to find where rdmsr_safe_regs is defined.

I have poked around online, but have so far not been able to generate the correct query to find an answer.

Can someone point me to the right documentation where I can figure this out?


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