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help adding yk750g to em28xx driver

Posted by theelder777 
help adding yk750g to em28xx driver
May 20, 2017 09:25PM
Hey! I have a yk750g board that has an empia 28386d chip and I am trying to get it work on kernel 3.14.52. Here is a link to some "brief specs" on the empia chip. This is my first time modifying kernel drivers, so go easy on me please.

I feel I am facing two issues here. First, making sure my driver modifications are correct. Second, making sure I am using the correct gst-launch-1.0 command to stream to output. Playing with both these at the same time seems like a shot in the dark getting this to work. If someone can point me in the right direction for one of these issues, then I can hammer down on the other issue making sure I don' t have to worry about the other.

Here is what I have in em28xx-cards.c:

included vendor and product id
2350         { USB_DEVICE(0xeb1a, 0x8387),
2351                         .driver_info = EM2800_BOARD_UNKNOWN }

where board struct is shown below
 516         [EM2800_BOARD_UNKNOWN] = {
 517         .name         = "HDML Cloner Wand",
 518         .is_em2800    = 1,
 519         .decoder      = EM28XX_SAA711X,
 520         .tuner_type   = TUNER_ABSENT,
 521         .input        = { {
 522                 .type     = EM28XX_VMUX_COMPOSITE1,
 523                 .vmux     = SAA7115_COMPOSITE0,
 524                 .amux     = EM28XX_AMUX_LINE_IN,
 525             }, {
 526                 .type     = EM28XX_VMUX_SVIDEO,
 527                 .vmux     = SAA7115_SVIDEO3,
 528                 .amux     = EM28XX_AMUX_LINE_IN,
 529             } },
 530         }

In regards to my second issue, i have also checked the brief spec page for the empia chip and have found the following to be of use:

The H.264 encoder supports resolution up to 1080p 30 frames. In the video pipeline, H.264 bit-stream is packetized into MPEG2 Transport Stream, throttled by a rate-control CPU, and finally sent up USB bus.

I don't know how to treat that in gst-launch... Do I need to take into account the mpeg2ts into gst-launch or is is only h264 that i need to worry about. Does this dongle even output video stream in h264 or is it raw? How do I know these things? I am currently using the following gst-launch-1.0 command to try and stream to output:

gst-launch-1.0 -v v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! video/x-h264, framerate=30/1, width=1280, height=720 ! h264parse ! imxvpudec ! imxg2dvideotransform ! imxg2dvideosink

Any recommendations, reads, websites or even other forums would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading.

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