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Apple's Magic Mouse 2 driver guidance

Posted by Robinweymans 
Hey guys,

I just recently picked up a Magic Mouse 2 after trying out my friends Magic Mouse 1. As you all might know, the MM has touch capabilities, and I wanted to make sure that those features worked on my Arch laptop, and they did! Well, for MM1 they did, because as soon as I connected my MM2 the scrolling wasn't working. Apparently there is no driver support for the MM2 yet, only the MM1. Fuck me. I'm stuck with an 80 euro two button fancy mouse.

I googled around (a lot) and found a github repo with a script that modifies the MM1 driver so that it also works for the MM2. Great, so now the MM1 driver loads when my MM2 is connected. Still no scrolling unfortunately.

I read that you need to enable the touch feature of the MM2 when you connect to it, and it is off by default, so there are no touch events coming in. You only get events when you click left or right or move the mouse.

Thus, I'm looking for some guidance on how to make this mouse work. I know its not easy, but I want to challenge myself. I have some bluetooth packet logs that can be used where I think 'pair.txt' is the most valuable. This file has the hid packets filtered out, and I think line 11 and 12 are related to the touch features.

This is what I figured out so far. If someone could show me da wae, it would be very much appreciated.

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