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i2c-gpio kernel module does not create /dev/i2c-x

Posted by Luc V. 
Hello everybody,

For some time I have been trying to load the i2c-gpio kernel module to create an i2c bus using the gpio pins on imx6ul.

I modified the kernel defconfig file in order to add CONFIG_I2C_GPIO = y line.

I also modified the devicetree and added the following lines:
&i2c_gpio {
	compatible = "i2c-gpio";
	#address-cells = <1>;
	#size-cells = <0>;
	pinctrl-names = "default";
	pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_i2c_gpio>;
	sda-gpios = <&gpio1 9 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
	scl-gpios = <&gpio1 1 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
	clock-frequency = <400000>;
	status = "okay";
&iomuxc {
pinctrl_i2c_gpio: i2c-gpiogrp {
	fsl,pins = <
		MX6UL_PAD_GPIO1_IO09__GPIO1_IO09 0x4001b8b1 /* I2C SCL */
		MX6UL_PAD_GPIO1_IO01__GPIO1_IO01 0x4001b8b1 /* I2C SDA */ 

But when I restart with the new kernel and devicetree, the theoritical new i2c bus wouldn't appear in /dev/.

Is anyone already faced this issue ?

Am I doing it wrong ?

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Luc V.

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