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Disable x86 arch specific DEBUG_PAGEALLOC

Posted by Vinay32 

Currently I am trying to use CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC on Linux kernel running on x86 platform.
By default Linux supports DEBUG_PAGEALLOC by using the Page poisoning mechanism. But if a particular architecture like x86 has its own DEBUG_PAGEALLOC enabled it uses different method.

Currently since my x86 platform has ARCH specific DEBUG_PAGEALLOC enabled, it determines the memory corruptions of size greater than 8k(8192) allocations. But I want to check the memory corruptions for even smaller size, which I understand would be supported in the default DEBUG_PAGEALLOC supported by Linux.

When I disable ARCH SUPPORTED DEBUG_PAGEALLOC on x86 I am getting into some kernel compilation problems. So could some one suggest better way of disabling the arch specific DEBUG_PAGEALLOC.

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