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Problem with performance on machine with low memory

Posted by Mikhail 
Hi, I am a newbie here.
I began using Linux 5 year ago and I liked.
And immediately noticed that Linux unlike Windows starts working jerky
when lacking of RAM.
I think this is bug [bugzilla.kernel.org]
But this bug now closed, and the problem persists.
Also expect that the problem of the slow swap, but last time I am
tried work without swap. And I see that system begin stuck when free
memory less than 30%.
For example on my machine 1912MB memory, when I see that allocated
more than 1300MB, system begins stucking. Stucking not only GUI, ssh
server also start being sluggish. And all applications which I tried
to launch under remote terminal launched longer than usual.

You are my last hope. Yes I am programmer, but I don't know C and
kernel well as you.

Best Regards,
Mike Gavrilov.
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