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high speed road

Posted by liuyi 
high speed road
December 27, 2017 10:46PM
learned, because truck driver is aspersed on high speed road fall goods, add did not create trigonometry caution card after car, be in in all fine with 400 yuan. Russia cloth buy portable tap dance floor ireland pulls dagger Wei Shensi to overcome custom: Lumber export increased 13% first half of the year 2017 Russia cloth pulls dagger Wei Shensi to overcome custom to release a message to say, exported lumber through this custom first half of the year 2017

two hundred and twenty thousand anti-mildew cladding panels exterior four hundred, grow 13% compared to the same period. Press amount computation, lumber exports the forehead to be 16.7 million dollar, grow 20% compared to the same period. The lumber of 99% exports China. In addition local lumber and sawn timber also export Japan and Germany. In Bulageweishensike custom exporter tastes a structure in, 66% what the export outdoor wood wall volume of lumber and sawn timber

occupies total exit to measure, and 29% what take exit specified amount by value computation. Custom includes Bulageweishensike the customs inspection station of the city outdoor rug milk jugs and Sa breath out Amuer - Yakute republican customs inspection stands. Be in harmony brings a country duty strengthens timber revenue management Since this year, be in harmony installs bureau of prefectural state tax to implement the favourable


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