pay attention to proper installation
August 02, 2018 03:15AM
They also recommend that the owners pay attention to proper installation. Note that the drawer can not be opened after the wardrobe door is installed. Mr. Wang also reminded that when the woodwork hits the wardrobe drawer, pay special attention to the placement of the drawer.
Because the woodwork is not professional, it is not uncommon to see the drawers in the closet door open after the wardrobe door is installed. Mr. Wang gave an example. For example, a wardrobe with a width of 2.4 meters is generally suitable for a three-page door.
The wardrobe is divided into three columns, each column has a width of 80 cm, and the drawer is in the middle column. Then, after the door is finished, if the drawer is to be opened, the column of the drawer is generally at least 5 cm narrower than the other two columns.
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