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where does the interrupt handler is registered for ath9k_htc driver

I am reading the source code of Linux kernel trying to figure out where the interrupt handler is registered for ath9k_htc. I am using a ath9k_htc device TP-LINK WN721N.
In linux kernel source tree /drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath9k/ we have source code for both ath9k devices as well as for ath9k_htc devices.

For the learning purpose i am adding some printk messages to see which irq line is enabled for my ath9k_htc device to handle the interrupts on packet reception. But i am unable to find out the "request irq" for ath9k_htc devices as in probe function its not there.
In this location request_irq is there for ath_9k devices and as i put the printk messages there also but actually those printk are not coming as that request irq is not for ath9k_htc only for ath9k.

Great need of help i am a beginner and facing this issue and not able to move ahead. Thanks in advance.
Re: where does the interrupt handler is registered for ath9k_htc driver
July 03, 2014 12:39PM

is this device maybe an usb device?
I'm in the same situation as abhishek.chaudhary071991. I will continue this thread and answer your question, yes, it is a USB device.

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