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About logging to a file in kvm

Posted by tamlok 
About logging to a file in kvm
December 25, 2013 03:48AM
Hello! I am now working in kvm and I am facing a problem. I want to log something while running in kvm. I need to store these logs into a file. Because I want to reenter the guest as soon as possible, I can't write to a file in kvm kernel. So now I am thinking if I can writing something in the memory buffer while running in kvm, and a userspace process read the buffer and write it to a file. On the other hands, the process read logs from file into the buffer and the kvm read the logs from the buffer.
I don't know if this can work and how to implement it. What technique should I use? What materials should I reference to?
Thanks a lot!
Re: About logging to a file in kvm
April 25, 2015 03:21PM
You can use NFS to mount a shared NFS directory from the host machine to the guest and write your log files to the NFS directory.

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