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Many 64-bit linux guests kernel panic on boot

Posted by easyA 
Many 64-bit linux guests kernel panic on boot
May 08, 2015 01:37PM
I think the ASUS R510D laptop hardware contains some kind of virtualization incompatibility. Some, but not all, 64-bit Linux guests kernel panic on boot. Specifically, I am running a Bodhi Linux (variant of Mint) 64-bit VM that *works*. However, the current 64-bit Minimal Linux Live ISO (which uses an up-to-date kernel as of February 2015) kernel panics. PCLinuxOS does as well. So does GoboLinux. I believe I have tried a few others that give this kernel panic as well. The message is "kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!" There is a stack trace printed above the kernel panic. The stack trace appears to descend into functions attempting to identify the 64-bit CPU model. The last function called is "identify_cpu".

The ASUS laptop does support AMD-V but not have any virtualization settings available in the BIOS settings. I have read forum posts that seem to indicate that this problem is common on 64-bit ASUS hardware with AMD and ATI. This laptop supposedly has an internal integrated dual Radeon Crossfire setup. I have read forums that indicate that there is a problem with Realtek wireless drivers and that disabling the onboard wireless in host BIOS prevents the VM kernel panic, but this BIOS has no options for disabling internal wireless. Disabling network adapters and USB in VM settings has no effect.

(This is an edited copy of my post from VirtualBox forums)

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