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Xenomai on VirtualBox

Posted by kristaps 
Xenomai on VirtualBox
February 03, 2013 05:14PM

Does anyone have any experience on running Xenomai (real-time framework, sort of a kernel patch, more here) on VirtualBox?

I tried building with the Xenomai patch on a 32-bit i386 Wheezey guest (VirtualBox 4.2.6). I managed to build and install the kernel without any problems following these config guidelines (some options, like ACPI and APM interfere with Xenomai). However, when I try to boot the new kernel, I get an error message saying

Xenomai has detected a CPU frequency of 0. Aborting

and the error code -19. The Xenomai troubleshooter tells me that "This happens when running in emulators. In such a case, Xenomai can not run as it needs to know the clock frequency." Thoughts?

tl;dr xenomai on virtual finds cpu freq 0. Wat do?

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